About Me


I am an information technology geek, a Linux System Engineer and an IT security enthusiast. I am certified-to-be RedHat and AWS engineer. I love to learn new systems, services and new technologies. My current big project is migrating every service to microservices in Bukalapak using docker and Kubernetes Cluster. I am an avid researcher and the words “I cannot do it” are not in my vocabulary.

General Skills

  • 5+ years of Linux/Unix system engineer.
  • Kubernetes cluster development and administration on production environment.
  • Automation for server setup and provision using various technology like Chef and Ansible.
  • Load balancing using F5, Brocade, Nginx, Haproxy, BalanceNG, etc.
  • Network monitoring using various technology (ELK, Sensu, Grafana, Cacti, Nagios, Icinga2, Observium)
  • MongoDB replication set cluster.
  • Redundant directory server (master-slave) using OpenLDAP.
  • Gitlab self hosted setup and administration.
  • Gitlab-Consul-Kubernetes architecture deployment.
  • Managing cloud resource eg. AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode.
  • Advanced knowledge of computer network systems.
  • Various object storage technology (Riak, Ceph)
  • Various linux based services setup, management, tuning, etc.